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Diversity and Inclusion in Indian organizations

My IndiaHRLive talk show with Nisha Raghavan on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. This was supposed to be a panel but Ester Martinez, Co-founder of People Matters, could not attend due to technical difficulties. Advertisements

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India HR Live show

Am very excited to be part of #IndiaHRLIVE show Ester Martinez & NISHA RAGHAVAN – Your HR Buddy !! on Aug 14th on Google Hangout. Topic: #diversity at workplace http://indiahrlive.com/what-does-it-mean-to-have-diversity-at-workplace/

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The Rise of Leadership Incubators in Indian Organizations

Leadership development cannot only be done through classroom training. This reality has now been accepted by most Indian organizations when they think about developing their leadership pipeline. As a result, most organizations are now looking at creating leadership incubators to … Continue reading

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Common Challenges of Expats Relocating to India – Part 3: Time Management

The single most difficult thing that most expats living and working in India have shared with me, is the difficulty to adapt to the (in)famous Indian Stretchable Time..and that’s normal. There are 2 major ways of perceiving time: the linear … Continue reading

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Common Challenges of Expats Relocating to India – Part 2: Trailing Spouses

It can be tough being a trailing spouse – the term is not mine – in India: not allowed to work, spouse and children gone all day, long distances and traffic jams. culture shock usually hits them in a much … Continue reading

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Welcome to India? Challenges faced by international Learning and Development providers that want to enter the Indian market

India is probably the most dynamic market, with China, for Learning and Development and every single global provider wants a piece of it. What they often fail to realize is that the Indian L&D market is a challenging one to … Continue reading

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Common Challenges of Expats Relocating to India – Part 1: Making Indian friends

When I first started coaching, mostly European and American, expats, my biggest surprise was the common challenge that they had in making friends with Indians. This was a surprise to me as I had never met this particular challenge. After … Continue reading

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Our family’s expat story

From the Deccan Herald. Article by Tini Sara Anien Guillaume Gevrey came to Bangalore 13 years ago and his wife, Amelie, has been here in the country for a decade. The couple, who hail from France, has established deep connections … Continue reading

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And Now for Something Completely Different

And Now for Something Completely Different.

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Understanding the Importance of Building Effective Relationships for Collaboration In India

The face, and especially the mindset of Corporate India, is changing quickly. However, some traditional cultural values still remain: the importance of building strong relationships at work is still critical to working effectively with most Indians. Most foreigners, including a … Continue reading

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