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Assertiveness Across Cultures

Courtesy: http://www.dilbert.com Following my recent post on “4 Steps to Assertiveness? Not That Simple“, my dear friend and revered interculturalist, Dianne Hofner Saphiere  posted the following comment: “Dear Guillaume, in my experience perceptions of “assertiveness” are extremely culturally relative and, … Continue reading

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Join us for the People Skills Twitter Chat “Assertiveness and People Skills”

Hi, I am honored to announce that I will be co-hosting the next #peopleskills chat with Kate Nasser, next Sunday 6 October 10am EDT / 2:30pm GMT / 7pm IST / 9:30pm SST The topic of this week’s #peopleskills chat, … Continue reading

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4 Steps to Being More Assertive? Not That Simple

In my (almost) 15 years of experience, I have conducted numerous interventions around the topic of assertiveness with different industries, different geographies and different demographics. In all these interventions the most common expectation I have heard from learners is “I … Continue reading

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Handling Difficult Conversations

Pressed Difficult Conversations from Rory C Trotter on Something Different HR Blog I agree with Rory that a managers’ ability to have these difficult conversations is key to an organization’s success. The thing is: easier said than done. So how … Continue reading

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Improving communication skills training for global executives

Post based on the comment i made to Stephen Manallack’s discussion on LinkedIn : ” Are we preparing global executives and global communicators?” http://tinyurl.com/arnuyhj From what I have seen, the answer is a resounding yes. Everyone, everywhere is investing in … Continue reading

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People are not mind readers: the most important conversation that people never have

We’re all different, and that’s a good thing. The problem is that most of us negate this diversity when working with each other. We focus on what makes us similar so that we can build rapport but, conveniently, work around … Continue reading

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Communicating across cultures

Difference in communication style is probably one of the biggest reason of frustration when working across cultures. More than the style itself, it is the lack of understanding of intentions that go with it. Some cultures (e.g Australia, Germany, US) … Continue reading

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