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5 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Bury Instructor Led Training Yet

It has become a very popular hobby among L&D professionals to bash Instructor Led Training (ILT) at the profit of social learning, self paced learning or even individual coaching. There is no doubt that new technology based forms of learning … Continue reading

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The Single Most Important Thing HR Must Get Right

Cartoon by Tom Cheney Purpose. In my opinion, this is the single most important thing that HR needs to get right as the effectiveness of everything else it does depends on it. Without a clear understanding of its own higher … Continue reading

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Diversity and Inclusion in Indian organizations

My IndiaHRLive talk show with Nisha Raghavan on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. This was supposed to be a panel but Ester Martinez, Co-founder of People Matters, could not attend due to technical difficulties.

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India HR Live show

Am very excited to be part of #IndiaHRLIVE show Ester Martinez & NISHA RAGHAVAN – Your HR Buddy !! on Aug 14th on Google Hangout. Topic: #diversity at workplace

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7 tips to maximize engagement in virtual teams

As globalization increases and technology improves, team work is becoming more virtual by the day. Creating high performance teams in the same office is already a challenge but creating high performance virtual teams is just that much tougher. However, isolation, … Continue reading

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Improving communication skills training for global executives

Post based on the comment i made to Stephen Manallack’s discussion on LinkedIn : ” Are we preparing global executives and global communicators?” From what I have seen, the answer is a resounding yes. Everyone, everywhere is investing in … Continue reading

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There is no I in Team, really?

I was, once again, reading an article titled: “There is no I in team”, and feeling slightly irritated. How can individual needs and style not be taken seriously to establish high performance teams? Despite what some – a lot – … Continue reading

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Assertive service providers are an advantage for organizations

“I am the client, you should do what I tell you to do!” I think all service providers have heard this before, and most have complied. The client is king, right? Wrong. To be effective, the client-provider relationship is a … Continue reading

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7 Tips for Effective Virtual Classrooms

I have been lucky to be involved in delivering virtual classrooms for the past 6 years. To be honest, I was not really convinced that this could be effective…until I started facilitating them. With over 200 virtual sessions delivered on … Continue reading

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Book Review – “Don’t Hire the Best” by Abhijit Bhaduri

I have finally found the time to read Abhijit Bhaduri’s “Don’t Hire the Best”. Since I am responsible for recruitment in C2C but never been formally trained to recruit, I always look forward to getting new insights. The title already … Continue reading

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