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Assertiveness Across Cultures

Courtesy: Following my recent post on “4 Steps to Assertiveness? Not That Simple“, my dear friend and revered interculturalist, Dianne Hofner Saphiere  posted the following comment: “Dear Guillaume, in my experience perceptions of “assertiveness” are extremely culturally relative and, … Continue reading

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Diversity and Inclusion in Indian organizations

My IndiaHRLive talk show with Nisha Raghavan on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. This was supposed to be a panel but Ester Martinez, Co-founder of People Matters, could not attend due to technical difficulties.

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India HR Live show

Am very excited to be part of #IndiaHRLIVE show Ester Martinez & NISHA RAGHAVAN – Your HR Buddy !! on Aug 14th on Google Hangout. Topic: #diversity at workplace

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Common Challenges of Expats Relocating to India – Part 3: Time Management

The single most difficult thing that most expats living and working in India have shared with me, is the difficulty to adapt to the (in)famous Indian Stretchable Time..and that’s normal. There are 2 major ways of perceiving time: the linear … Continue reading

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Common Challenges of Expats Relocating to India – Part 2: Trailing Spouses

It can be tough being a trailing spouse – the term is not mine – in India: not allowed to work, spouse and children gone all day, long distances and traffic jams. culture shock usually hits them in a much … Continue reading

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Organizational culture: letter from Narayan Murthy to the Infosys staff

What makes or breaks an organization’s culture? People. Organizational culture is the sum of the behavior of all the people that make the organizations. Below is a mail that Narayan Murthy, ex – Chairman of Infosys, sent to his staff, … Continue reading

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Improving communication skills training for global executives

Post based on the comment i made to Stephen Manallack’s discussion on LinkedIn : ” Are we preparing global executives and global communicators?” From what I have seen, the answer is a resounding yes. Everyone, everywhere is investing in … Continue reading

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Co-hosting the next #peopleskills Twitter chat

I am very honored to be co-hosting the next #peopleskills Twitter chat with Kate Nasser next Sunday 19th May. Timings: 10:00am EST 3:00pm GMT 4:00pm CET 7:30 IST Looking forward to seeing you all there. Just look for the #peopleskills … Continue reading

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Ohayo Gosaimas Sta!

What a wonderful journey! Japan proved to be even more fascinating than I thought it would be. 10 amazing days… My wife and I had decided to focus on the Tokyo area as we had very limited time. We knew … Continue reading

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Konichoa! I had promised myself a few years ago to explore at least one new country every year. This year is Japan, or least a small chunk of Japan. We’re leaving tomorrow! Japan’s stereotypes have always fascinated me. Samurais, geishas, … Continue reading

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