Join us for the People Skills Twitter Chat “Assertiveness and People Skills”


I am honored to announce that I will be co-hosting the next #peopleskills chat with Kate Nasser, next Sunday 6 October 10am EDT / 2:30pm GMT / 7pm IST / 9:30pm SST

The topic of this week’s #peopleskills chat, based on my latest blog post, is “Assertiveness and People Skills

Background on This Chat Topic

People often think of people skills as the opposite of assertiveness. Not true!! This belief may flourish when defining assertiveness as getting what you want. Well that isn’t what assertiveness really is.

Q1: What is assertiveness?

Q2: How do you feel around an assertive person?

Q3: What role does listening play in assertiveness?

Q4: How do assertiveness and aggressiveness differ?

Q5: Can we be assertive and compassionate? Pls. explain.

Q6: What impact does culture have on assertiveness?

Q7: What are consequences of too much/not enough assertiveness?

Q8: How can organizations benefit from an assertive workforce?

Q9: How can we practice assertiveness for great #peopleskills?

These are just a few questions to get us thinking before we begin the people skills chat this Sunday!

So bring your personal perspective, your favorite beverage, and join us from around the globe this Sunday Oct. 6, 2013 at 10am EDT / 2:30pm GMT / 7pm IST / 930pm SST— to explore Assertiveness and People skills.

– See more at:

See you there!


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