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Common Challenges of Expats Relocating to India – Part 2: Trailing Spouses

It can be tough being a trailing spouse – the term is not mine – in India: not allowed to work, spouse and children gone all day, long distances and traffic jams. culture shock usually hits them in a much … Continue reading

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Welcome to India? Challenges faced by international Learning and Development providers that want to enter the Indian market

India is probably the most dynamic market, with China, for Learning and Development and every single global provider wants a piece of it. What they often fail to realize is that the Indian L&D market is a challenging one to … Continue reading

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Common Challenges of Expats Relocating to India – Part 1: Making Indian friends

When I first started coaching, mostly European and American, expats, my biggest surprise was the common challenge that they had in making friends with Indians. This was a surprise to me as I had never met this particular challenge. After … Continue reading

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People don’t learn from experience; they learn from reflecting on their experience.

I am a firm believer that activities alone are not enough for most training participants to extract meaningful learning that they can then apply to the real world. In my view, activities are are just an excuse for a good … Continue reading

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7 tips to maximize engagement in virtual teams

As globalization increases and technology improves, team work is becoming more virtual by the day. Creating high performance teams in the same office is already a challenge but creating high performance virtual teams is just that much tougher. However, isolation, … Continue reading

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The Return of the King. Leadership in Lord of the Rings

After my Star Wars marathon last weekend, I continued my audiovisual pilgrimage in the mythologies that influenced me. This weekend, the mother of all myths, the best story ever told: The Lord of The Rings. As for Star Wars last … Continue reading

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