Improving communication skills training for global executives

Post based on the comment i made to Stephen Manallack’s discussion on LinkedIn : ” Are we preparing global executives and global communicators?”

From what I have seen, the answer is a resounding yes. Everyone, everywhere is investing in cross-cultural management and virtual collaboration workshops. Face to face or virtual and, as often as possible, with multicultural groups in order to enable the discussion and help them achieve working agreements. The question is the effectiveness of these training programs as well as the ability and willingness to apply from participants.

Most companies still don’t consider cross-cultural communication programs as mission critical. They do a level 1, sometimes 2, evaluation on these programs and do not assess behavioral change or impact on business metrics.

Participants also must be able, and willing, to apply specific skills in order to be global executives and communicators. Without coaching and involvement of the business in helping them apply learning, many of them only know but cannot do. The willingness issue is a much more personal one. Some people just don’t want to. They are in still in denial over cultural differences or resistant to working with other cultures that they might see as threatening or are just not interested in being flexible.

It’s a good thing that this skill has been considered a lot more in the past few years due to the increasing cultural diversity of the workplace. Companies are investing in programs but should evaluate the training effectiveness of these programs more consistently implement  policies to support the application of learning once learners have gone back to work.

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One Response to Improving communication skills training for global executives

  1. I have noticed the same trend, I see more often cultural sensitivity and intercultural communication skills mentioned in executive job descriptions,

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