Extraversion or Introversion? Both!

I am a huge fan of RSAnimate and this one is one of my favorites.

This is a good answer to the continuous debate on whether extraverts or introverts are better for high performance teams. The answer is both! High performance teams shouldn’t let extraverts take all the space and shouldn’t assume that when people don’t say anything, they don’t have anything to say. On the other hand, introverts should also be wary of the perception they might create in more extravert team members. A really high performing team is one that is mindful about its own diversity and creates an inclusive environment for both attitudes.

In order to provide more introverted participants  in my workshops a environment they feel comfortable in expressing themselves, I usually create smaller groups during group discussions and ask them to select one person to represent the smaller group’s points. I find this works really well and usually have a lot more inputs in the discussions than if i only facilitate class size discussions. Flip-charting also works pretty well, in my experience.

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One Response to Extraversion or Introversion? Both!

  1. Hi Guillaume, Thanks for sharing the RSA video, I really love it.
    I have written an article on this subject introducing the Daniel Pink’s concept of “ambiverts” http://zestnzen.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/introverts_extroverts_leaders_ulticultural_teams/

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