Is LinkedIn still a relevant tool for recruitment?

As a small business owner, I have been using LinkedIn to source potential candidates for the different positions I need to expand the business. However, I have found the platform less and less relevant as they keep on upgrading their interface. The biggest chip on my shoulder at the moment: the Skill & Expertise endorsement. Whereas I have been endorsed by some clients, partners, colleagues and vendors that I have worked with in the past, I have also been endorsed by complete strangers that have no idea about my skills and expertise. How does that make any sense? When looking at their profiles, the majority of them seem to be independent trainer. What’s the point? Trying to get in my good books by sucking up to a potential provider of business? Looking to ‘network’ within the OD community? Looking for a state a discussion?
These questions also nag at me when I am scanning profiles for potential hires. How genuine are these endorsements? I have found recommendations – usually – reliable but give no credit to these endorsements. To me they look like the fancy photos on hotel/restaurant websites that look nice but that never really look like the real thing.
I would love to have your thoughts on how you are adapting your use of LinkedIn as recruiters. LI is the most useful and cheap tool I have and would like to make sure I can still trust what I source from it.

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