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Understanding the Importance of Building Effective Relationships for Collaboration In India

The face, and especially the mindset of Corporate India, is changing quickly. However, some traditional cultural values still remain: the importance of building strong relationships at work is still critical to working effectively with most Indians. Most foreigners, including a … Continue reading

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Similarities in French and Indian Cultural Values

This is something I wrote 5 years ago so some of the examples used might be a bit dated but the substance remains true When looking at cultural values and social norms of India and France, one cannot but realise … Continue reading

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Communicating across cultures

Difference in communication style is probably one of the biggest reason of frustration when working across cultures. More than the style itself, it is the lack of understanding of intentions that go with it. Some cultures (e.g Australia, Germany, US) … Continue reading

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C2C is organizing the first ever Kirkpatrick 4 Levels Evaluation in India

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3 steps to developing your personal brand

My journey to understand my personal brand has been a long and arduous one. Who am I? Why am I this person? What impact do I have on others around me? After a few years of self reflection, I’ve finally … Continue reading

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Incredibly obvious cheating at the Partouche Poker Tour 2009

This is insane! These 2 french players created – very obvious, methinks – cheating signs to beat the field. Rub your head for Aces, your ears for kings, etc. and went on winning first and second place for 1.6M Euros. … Continue reading

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Book review – Talk to the Snail by Stephen Clarke

This is one of the funniest and most accurate book i have read about French culture. Talk to the Snail is a collection of pithy observations on French social culture through the eyes of an Englishman in Paris. Stephen Clarke … Continue reading

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Learning how to work, the hard way!

I have been lucky to be raise as an expat kid by globe trotting parents. However, nothing had prepared me for the culture shock I had when I moved to India. The shock was not about the ‘spiciness’ of the … Continue reading

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Is LinkedIn still a relevant tool for recruitment?

As a small business owner, I have been using LinkedIn to source potential candidates for the different positions I need to expand the business. However, I have found the platform less and less relevant as they keep on upgrading their … Continue reading

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Are psychometrics becoming meaningless ?

I have been working in the Organizational Development field in India for the past 10 years and have noticed a disturbing trend in the past 2 to 3 years: the explosion of psychometric specialists and of home made psychometric tools. … Continue reading

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